virtual reality

Future of AR & VR

The world of screens has enabled us to immerse ourselves in a virtual world forgetting all about the real world around us. But you might be surprised to know that both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are in use for more than 30 years from now.

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Augmented Analytics

How Will Augmented Analytics Evolve?

The ways of businesses are evolving. Influence of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and business intelligence is constantly making sure that users become more and more comfortable online. As organizations are constantly choosing to take their businesses online, they are being increasingly flooded data, rather say Big Data.

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virtual reality games

Top Trends in Mobile Game Development

The advent of mobile phones has forever changed the gaming experience. Do you remember the time when the keypad phones were rampant and each of us used to indulge in games like snakes and ludo? Sheer nostalgia! The introduction of Smartphones with 2D, 3D, 4D graphics, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) has changed the gaming experience.

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machine learning


Machine learning is the tool that helps to target audiences and boost customer engagement among marketers to focus on hidden patterns. Businesses need to exploit the potentiality of artificial intelligence in their marketing spree if they want to stand out from their competitors. If you own a business and surely want to boost machine learning, here are certain ways machine learning is dominating the market.

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cosplay kolkata

Use Of Cosplay Characters

Cosplay term is now at the lips of everybody in the present day and it is now a fundamental part of conventions all over the world. With the passing of the years, there is a significant increase in costume enthusiasts that started with a few hardcore lovers of cosplay. If you are going for a convention without wearing a complex costume that may mimic an indian superhero, you can easily become a minority.

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Indian superhero

Ask Your Kid to Make Superheroes

While many superheroes come with roles that may be inappropriate for the children, parents can play a big role by using creative play to meet the need of children for heroes. You can ask your child what qualities they look for in superheroes and explain the value of bravery, honesty, compassion, etc. It can help to create the characters from scratch and kids can start building their superhero role models effectively.

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