Visual Effects

We employ a highly skilled team of artists and creators who use our state-of-art fully scalable visual effects studio which provides varied support and services. We furnish feature films, commercials and other TV content with rotoscopy, prep, matchmove, rotomation, keying, compositing and asset building. We can supply you with any services you need, be it 360 video stitching, complex cleanup, VR content or simple shot compositing. Our headquarters are situated in London and our production facility is based in Chennai, India. Our experienced teams can handle each and every level of production of designing top tier visual effects, ranging from low to high scales and budgets. Our work speaks for itself, so take a tour through our digital portfolio, and take the leap to partner with us, and be a part of the Virtualinfocom family. We recruit some of the leading talents in the industry, and their stellar reputation speaks to our professional work ethic and authenticity of our products. We are motivated by our strive for excellence, and to further evolving and remaking the boundaries of visual effects. We also provide technical advice as required by our clients.
Working with us will feel like you are working with someone right next to you in your own studio.

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digital human
digital human
digital human
digital human
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Why Choose VFX Outsourcing?

We enjoy new opportunities and challenges with our clients and partners. Our mission is to serve high quality of services. When we have deadlines to meet, we work round the clock until we ensure the deadline is met. And we aim flexiblility in our work and that is why you will always find us answering your email 24/7.

Our Features

We believe that supremacy in any field comes from surmounting constant challenges and facing any problems head first. We apply this approach with our clients and partners, as well, and thus our mission of producing only the very highest quality of services is achieved daily. We never miss a deadline because we take it our responsibility to achieve your goals more efficiently in a shorter span. Our queries and mails will never go unanswered as we believe in flexibility and availability to our customers round the clock.
Our team of several brilliant and accomplished artists and creators, who are well-versed in 2D and 3D art, will satisfy all your requirements, whether it be commision of your entire project or just a few of the multiple services we offer.

  • Character 3D Texturing & Modeling: Robots, Humans, Creatures, etc.
  • Animations, including blend and loopable animations.
  • High and/or Low Polygon
  • Inorganic 3D Texturing & Modeling: Props. Environments, Weapons, Vehicles, Objects, etc.
  • Roto and Chroma extration
  • Tracking Camera & object
  • Digital paint & Prep
  • Stereo Roto