Gamification to spreads awareness- develop rational and logical skills of kids

This game is developed by Virtualinfocom, one of the leading companies in the Indian gaming industry. This game targets the extremely important and difficult topic of human trafficking.
Young kids are the most vulnerable, and susceptible to predators. Gamification of the ways they can protect themselves not only spreads awareness and arms youngsters with the techniques to free themselves, but also develops their rational and logical skills, and aims to eradicate this scourge from society, all while allowing them to play a highly entertaining game.

3D technology has been used to bring all the characters to life, which makes it even more attractive to young gamers, who can relate better to real-life situations.

This innovative game also uses AI technology to detect and predict the player's moves, and thus, creating a different, more difficult scenario each time. The players never get bored since no scenario or scene is repeated, and the villains are not one-dimensional who always follow the same routes. This helps in developing faster thinking, while simultaneously being fast paced enough to garner interest.
kidnapping gaming Arjun, the protagonist, is a kid who fights against human trafficking and teaches the player different ways to come out of a kidnapping situation.

It is a one-of-a-kind initiative to fight human trafficking by teaching young kids self protection and improving their logical capacities, all through a game. The 3D graphics just bring the idea to life, and helps the child identify such situations in real time.
The main game revolves around avoiding the kidnapper, and in case you fail to do so, using deduction and rationale to come out from a dangerous situation.
If, in the process, a combination lock has to be opened, these skills come in handy.

AI technology has been used to generate all of these scenarios and options.