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The next big boom in the future of app development is often thought to be the meshing of blockchain technology with the existing systems. Virtualinfocom, one of India's leading Blockchain Development companies, has gained a major foothold in blockchain app development solutions, aided and powered by our exceptional team of skilled Blockchain developers. We propose to hold your hand in every stage of the development process while guiding you in an unique way that is custom made to your own needs. Our experts have experience with every single development stage while also having the required skill sets to evolve your concept further.

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    Make full use of the security the Blockchain provides, lending your solutions privacy and confidentiality

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    We provide you with the means to efficiently govern all your IoT devices through a centralized console.

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    Our solutions allow you to envision your success, keeping in mind all the probable downtimes, which are predicted by our technology.

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Over the years we have delivered many IoT application solutions to many satisfied clients that hails from varied industry sectors.




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virtualinfocom is a leading IoT application development company that has a dynamic team which helps our tech-savvy clients in fixing their challenges and identifying the processes that we can IoTize to enhance the enterprise’s efficiency.

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Having the distributed ledger system as its underlying foundation, Blockchain stands to offer greater transparency, since all involved parties are privy to the same documentation, and an update has to have unanimous consent. This also makes blockchain data reliable, comprehensive and objective.


The record tracking property of blockchain makes it secure and safe, since transactions are linked to previous ones, encrypted and approved. Since the data is stored in an interlinked chain of computer databases, and not in a single server or network, hackers have till date been unable to bypass the security that blockchain boasts of.

Reduced Cost

Blockchain negates the middleman and the trust required to appoint them, being instead just a transaction between the sender and receiver. This also takes the transaction and third party costs, increasing a significant part of the profit. The added security is also a benefit that is hard to overlook.

Increased Efficiency and Speed

Traditional trading processes are subject to human error as well as time consuming. With blockchain, the whole process is automated, thus speeding up and improving the efficiency of such systems.


The records track each transaction and is relayed to the participants for possible action. This aids proper record keeping as well as helps to trace each transaction to its origin.


This traceability helps keep the records pristine from any manual changes, and makes auditing simpler and efficient.