ML outsourcing company

Virtualinfocom is a India based AI and deep learning software company, focusing on providing products and services to improve the user experience through embedded machine learning technologies such as voice, vision, and natural language processing. Sensory’s TrulySecure uses a deep learning approach in our face and voice recognition algorithms.
Virtualinfocom develops and offers AI and deep learning solutions for a various of end-devices including smartphones, machines and vehicles. It also uses deep learning techniques for power-efficient implementations across hardware, algorithms, and software.

Why Choose virtualinfocom for machine learning?

AI is designed and trained to collect, store, analyse and process significant amount of data from both structured and unstructured sources. Thanks to emerging technologies such as machine learning and deep learning, the AI can constantly evolve and improve its knowledge about cybersecurity threats and cyber risk.

We do

XR is the future of mobile computing. We are making mobile XR a reality. Along with that we provide solutions based on AI for cyber security and data security.

  • Access Securing
  • Risk Identification