virtualinfocom provide a complete Product Development, Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling services using the latest technologies combined with traditional skills for a wide range of industries. By integrating our traditional skills with the latest technologies, VIC can offer clients a comprehensive portfolio of product development services all under one roof.
Working with us will feel like you are working with someone right next to you in your own studio. ​
Our employees are masters in their fields and their reputations is in giving their best to enhance the project quality and encourage a strong work ethic. The virtualinfocom family is deeply committed to product excellence, pushing the limits of artistic and technical possibilities, and helping to find best solutions for our clients.

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Why Choose VFX Outsourcing?

VIC R & D is committed to the production of auxiliary equipment to provide clients with production and test equipment required for testing the process and equipment design and production as well as large-scale non-standard professional equipment design and production. Services involved: all kinds of non-standard machinery, automated assembly line, all types of machinery and hand, automation design and a variety of special non-standard professional equipment. We, try to bring more life to your product and make it as close to reality as exactly as you envisioned it, using 3D animation technology. With our expertise you can showcase your product effectively at trade fairs, exhibitions, product demos, launches, training and technical sales through web presentation, slide shows, laptops or DVDs for big screen impact with different language commentaries and music. Professional 3D product design, product models and animation can communicate to get ideas across better than talking to advertise the product. The appearance of the internal section of a product, best studied through 3D models and cutaways, can help the designer correct any defects in the initial stage itself.

Our Features

Our flexible and talented 2D and3D art team is capable of meeting all of your needs, whether you are looking to outsource your entire work or just need a few assets done by us:

  • 3D Texturing & Modeling: Robots, Humans, Machines, etc.
  • Animations, including blend and loopable animations.
  • High and/or Low Polygon
  • Inorganic 3D Texturing & Modeling: Props. Environments, Weapons, Vehicles, Objects, etc.
  • Roto and Chroma extration
  • Tracking Camera & object