Characters as Agents for Your Brand

Creating a character for your product or company is as important as creating your logo. Not only does the character have to look good. He or she has to connect with your audience in a way that makes you appealing and drives business.
It’s also akin to a new hire. You want to ensure you’re getting the right person for the job. But in this case, your basing your whole decision based on the best look.
While many artists specialise in creating art for games and animation, we at Union Illustration are more interested in what we can do for your business or product because we know, at the end of the day not everybody wants or needs Mickey Mouse.
When we make a character, we ensure that we understand the unique demographic that your company is catering to, and ensure that your new representative speaks directly to them.
The character we create for you will your visual brand ensuring that as it grows with you, there won’t be any confusion about who the character represents.

Our process guarantees you get a fantastic result in a short amount of time, so you don’t have to worry about long design times, delays or held up projects. We make sure that you’re a part of the process so you can feel good knowing that we’re listening to you and putting you front and centre of all our decision making.

We live in a digital world, and our team has done characters across a wide variety of industries including, telecommunications, start-up websites, e-learning, games, and more. So you can feel confident that will fit into the constraints that may require a more conservative character, and we’ll help you push the right limits in ways that not only will your audience accept, but they’ll appreciate your attempts to relate to them.
We offer packages for single characters and multiples and groups so you can plan your budgets efficiently.

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Character Art Company for Your Games

Don't get sucked into the same old – dull corporate trap – those other guys fall for. You want something unique that makes happy; then you’re ready for Virtualinfocom. For leading advertising agencies and content creators that want to embark on an adventure into the depths of your client’s personality and you want to give them beautiful, original, illustration – We peel back the layers to reveal the truth and capture it in a way that’s completely understandable at a glance. Charming, delightful, illustration with a process that’s designed to be just as fun – virtualinfocom will create world-class artwork, illustration, and art projects that are unique and on-brand. Our proven process leads to crystal clear creative direction you can’t find on your own. Our illustration promises to bring pride to your brand and help you connect with your audience in the most delightful way.

Looking for Character art to outsource?

If you are looking for character art services for brands; then Virtual Infocom can prove to be your ideal outsourcing partner.

Seeking for Character art Services?

Virtual Infocom offers concept art services as per day/per hour or month depending upon the requirements of your project. We work the way you work, delivering only those elements you require. One-stop and your brand development needs are met.

Character Art Services from Virtual Infocom Game Studio – Cost-Effective yet Powerful

Keeping your video game development project costs reasonable, Virtual Infocom provides you with cost-effective game art solutions.

Excelling in the latest skills of creating  Characters Models, Virtual Infocom's  Artists provide matchless  concept art that fulfill customer expectations. Our seamless endeavor to surpass set standards enables us to provide the highest image quality of perfect resolution that outlines geometrical symmetry and visible flawlessness