Ask Your Kid to Make Superheroes

While many superheroes come with roles that may be inappropriate for the children, parents can play a big role by using creative play to meet the need of children for heroes. You can ask your child what qualities they look for in superheroes and explain the value of bravery, honesty, compassion, etc. It can help to create the characters from scratch and kids can start building their superhero role models effectively.

How can superheroes play a positive role?
Indian kids love exploring their inner superheroes and love to promote superpower to fight evils. Superhero plays an extremely important role in various preschool classrooms and parents often wonder whether the violent behavior of the superheroes in film and television will influence the child negatively. In reality, superheroes can create a valuable opportunity for creative minds and children can learn how to help others from their role models.

Why kids like the super-abilities?
Kids understand that there is a meaning in words and actions and they feel powerful like the adults while pretending to be a superhero. The character of a superhero in a cartoon or comics can motivate the kids to remain in control of a situation while developmentally the case may be the opposite. Superhero characters in games can help the children to become mentally strong and physically active, and children start running, jumping, and chasing like superheroes.
One of the most important reasons why kids love superheroes is the sense of power and control that the superheroes exert on the world in the imagination of the pre-schoolers. The children can start channelizing their energies to become part of the fictional figures and conquer the bad guys, be the kings and queens and rule the world. For a kid, a superhero that saves the planet can be great and it can give a big inspiration to imitate the positive things of animation of superheroes.
It is time for the kids to start developing their own superheroes as there is much scope for projecting the roles of superheroes in the market. The best role models of superheroes can encourage children to meet life challenges bravely, aspire to nobility. With the perfect role models of superheroes, there can be a big chance to manifest the creativity of a kid to create its own superhero.

How the creation of superheroes can be good for pre-schoolers?
Though there may be many negative arguments about superheroes, a lot of positives for the creation of superheroes by the children are there and these are as follows:
It can help to develop key concepts: Superhero can be very powerful for brain development and it can help the child to develop several key concepts. Kids start to understand what is good and bad, what is right and wrong, and it can also give the parents a chance to have an interesting conversation with children. Builds patience: Wearing a costume of Superman and hearing about the fantastic abilities can make the pre-schoolers achieve the abilities by working patiently.
Builds confidence: The concept that anything is possible to achieve when you become a superhero can be a great exercise for the children and can augment the power of the brain and imagination. When a parent asks their kids to build their own superheroes, it can improve the confidence level of the kids and instill a belief of ability to achieve the impossible.

Create a sense of helpfulness:
Kids can start to become more helpful to others when they start building a mental picture of a superhero. The trait of superheroes can be completely believable to little children as it is difficult for children to differentiate between fiction and reality.
Builds a sense of empowerment:
India's first portal for kids to make superheroes can be an idle example of how superheroes can allow the kids to access a sense of power. It can help them to process various inner turmoil and the sense of powerlessness and replace it with a positive flow of energy for becoming invincible. The children can resolve the issue of control and power and can come out of anxiety and fear effectively when they start building superheroes of their own.
Promote a healthy lifestyle:
Children with their role models of superheroes start following the lifestyle of the heroes that includes food choices, exercise regime, and other activities. Children can insist on taking healthier foods like their favorite superheroes and want to become powerful with a big ambition to grow bigger, faster, and stronger.

Superheroes can support learning:
Young kids always learn important lessons when they start following the role of superheroes and start becoming familiar with the concepts of fairness and goodness. Parents and the pre-school teachers have a big role to play to help kids understand the difference between the actions that benefit others with the aggression that hurt individuals. Kids can learn that true superheroes can solve problems without creating violence and the superheroes are the people who help others and are courageous.
Preschoolers can also learn to try different personalities in different situations to tackle different problems easily. A superhero kid can learn an effective way to express different opinions while not becoming obtrusive in the approach. A child can become responsible and start acting against bullying and teasing other kids and stand up for the causes of needy people.
With this type of fantasy play, children can start explaining the inner ideas that they are having fearlessly, that otherwise they perhaps would not reveal. The kids with their imagination of superheroes can learn how to work with a team and can start making effective teambuilding. It can be a good opportunity for teachers to take advantage of such opportunities to support creative learning. The teachers can set up art materials and can encourage students to make costumes, props, and sets. When kids start working with peers, it can support the development of skills for negotiation, cooperation, and compromise. Parents and pre-school teachers can make sure that the play is fun as well as productive to produce the desired results easily.