Who we are

Established in 1998, Virtualinfocom is known for many innovations in IT solution , game development & animation. It all started with a dream. A dream to "Bring Art and Technology Together Successfully", in a way that would allow the world to reap the benefits of creativity armed withInformation technology.
We are Bengal's first game development studio and one of the oldest gaming company in India

We have developed multiple reallife actors based games and virtual reality apps, certainly that includes various Indian movie based games, bangladesh movie based games and so on. We are creator of India's first RPG mythology based game. West Bengal's first movie based game Boss2, Bangladesh's first super hero movie based game Bizli, Creator of India's first super hero based game Shaktimaan. Bhutan's first 3D racing game, Nepal's first 3D Racing simulation game. Oldest Virtual Reality game development company in India.

Apart from the fact that we are making agmes, we have started India's first portal on cosplay and we are producer of Bengal's first cosplay show since 2016.

We at Virtual Information and Communications (virtualinfocom) believe in the perfect mix of imaginative and innovative efficiency, coupled with ground breaking technology provide our customers with the state of the art products and services. The ability to think outside the proverbial box is one of our greatest fortes and it is not as easy as it is cut out to be. Research and development are the keys to our success that we have achieved over the last few years and our R&D team work tirelessly to make the requirements of next generation animation and gaming possible.

We work closely with a lot of publishers and presently we do publish games and do connect with ecosystem developers who are active in gaming Industry. Infact we have started animgaming as a platform for indie developers to submit their games if they need publishing and branding support. Not only that we have started a portal for kids imsuperhero.com who love to make superheros and we are open to take any new superhero and give encouragement to the kids life.

We use cutting edge technology for development of our virtual reality apps, ai solutions, blockchain solutions, games, animation & comics. This enables us to support our large user base and provide excellent service levels. Another aspect of our business that we are proud of is the work environment that we have managed to establish and provide to our employees. We at Virtual Information and Communications believe that the highest quality work is created in an environment where people enjoy working and where people are treated fairly, honestly and with respect. We work as one unit towards a common goal, a common idea, and this is what sets us apart from the rest of the companies.
Our company comes as a breath of fresh air to our customers as being an entity that provides a host of different services such as Game Development, Simulation, Windows Phone Application, Mobile Applications , iphone applications , Android games, mobile gaming and ad promotion,Ad-commercials and Short films, Corporate Films, Animated Movies, Music Videos,Visual/Special Effects, Software Development, Webpage Designing and Management Solution Tools under one roof. We at Virtual Information and Communications have dedicated our professional lives to providing solution to all our customers' needs, wants and desires. By making sure that we are always at the cutting edge of technology coupled with the perfect mix of imaginative and innovative efficiency, we create ground breaking solution so that we can provide our customers with the products and services of tomorrow.

What We Do

Game Development

Virtual Reality

AR and Mixed Reality


Blockchain Solution

Short Films

Artificial Intelligence

Animated Movies

Graphic Design


Machine Learning


VR interactive

HTC VR Interactive space

9D cinema

9D VR Cinema

3 Screen Racing Car

3 Screen Racing Car

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6 Person Tank VR Cinema