Game Development

Virtual Information and Communications Games is a one of a kind company that can provide your business with "winning" promotions utilizing proven and proprietary game technology. The promise of something for nothing is a lure most people can't resist and an area where most businesses need expert help.Knowing which form and application a game should take is critical to the success of your online objectives.Virtual Information & Communications Video Game Development, PC Game Design and SmartPhone Application (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BB, Java, Amazon, Intel based Phone) has tracked and measured hundreds of games and conducted extensive market research.

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game development
virtual reality

Virtual Reality

One reputable name in the virtual reality development industry is virtualinfocom. We bring the virtual world to reality with our highly engaging and immersive games. In our endeavour to offer the most advanced solutions to our clients and adapt to the newest trends, we never back down from challenging projects and deliver games that stand out in stipulated time.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality enriches the world around us with new layers of creativity, knowledge and inspiration. Whether you're looking for an augmented reality marketing or advertising campaign, a stunning AR app or experience, or you're simply curious about the potential of AR for your brand, we're here to make your vision a reality.

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Virtualinfocom's breakthrough technology takes a cognitive leap beyond conventional AI toward a human-like ability to perceive, understand, correlate, learn, teach, reason and solve problems faster than existing AI solutions. Our systems utilize a unique hybrid procedure, combining the best of conventional numeric AI approaches and advanced symbolic AI techniques to deliver cognitive reasoning and intelligence that emulates human intuition.

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Business Development

We are here to help your company go global or be popular in your own country. We offer perfect 360 degree solution for any business - corporates, SME or MSME clusters. We matchmake your brand with vetted Independent Brand & Communication Experts. Ofcourse this include conneting you with global buyers business houses, PR activity, web development, content creation, copywriting, placing your business in new media, global blogs creation of vlog, business development etc.

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business development

Industrial Automation And Robotics

Customized robotics solutions Industrial robots perform a variety of tasks. They are robust, high-tech and relatively affordable. But what can you do with one solitary robot? What you really want is an end-to-end solution tailored to your specific welding, sorting or other needs.
Our 360° service range extends from exhaustive advance testing to robot maintenance and servicing. We develop proprietary control software and build component-specific tools and workholding systems.

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Game Art

To create high-quality games you need high-quality art, and Virtualinfocom provides just that with stunning 3D content for game productions. With a multidisciplinary team at our disposal, we are capable of delivering 3D look development, concept art, modeling, rigging, animation, texturing and more. From AAA console productions for big developers to Indie Studios, we have over 22 years of experience in providing 3D art for games.

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game art
digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Soar Above The Rest! Achieve Superior Marketing Performance With Us

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Virtualinfocom is one of the leading CG animation developers having the state of the art technology with the cutting edge knowledge required and the dedicated personnel to make all your CG animation needs materialize. VIC CG animation service will include the entire host of needs such as character development, concept development, BG, texturing and all the other various criteria required to have a complete and trust worthy service package.

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App Development

Top Mobile App Development Company In Kolkata, Delhi, India. YOUR TECHNOLOGY PARTNER FOR SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS! Virtualinfocom is one of the best mobile app development companies that excels in native app development since long.

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Blockchain Technology

Buy and sell in-game items, dress & skins with ease and confidence on the virtualinfocom Marketplace. Sell your skins the way you want with either instant bot delivery or our coordinated transfer process so you can hold on to your skins till you sell it. Using Gift Cards is a great and fast option for you to find that exact game or item you want across your favorite platforms. Find great deals on gift cards from Steam, iTunes, Google Play, PSN, and more. You can also easily sell your unused and unwanted cards for instant cash.
It is the easy and safe way to buy and sell gaming related services to fellow gamers, like teaching strategies, coaching, game carrying, achievements, illustrations, video editing, game design or even just pure entertainment! You got the skills?

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Corporate Presentation

From a corporate package point of view virtualinfocom Presentation Division can provide your business with "winning" on-line promotional , utilizing proven and proprietary technology. The promise of something for nothing is a lure most people can't resist, and an area where most businesses need expert help. Knowing which form and application a presentation should take is critical to the success of your objectives. Virtual Information and Communications Corporate Presentation division have tracked and measured lots of applications and presentations and conducted extensive market research.

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We believe that running a successful visual effects company is dependent on attracting and retaining the best talent. We produce the highest quality work by nurturing the best people. We are a consistent and responsible partner for the world's VFX industry.

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crypto wallets

Crypto Wallet

Our company can help to make that happen. Since 1998 virtualinfocom is leader in technology working with multiple clients worldwide.
Wallets can likewise store computerized collectibles like NFTs that you should purchase, sell, exchange, or move to another person, or even to another wallet you own.

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Industrial Design

virtualinfocom provide a complete Product Development, Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling services using the latest technologies combined with traditional skills for a wide range of industries. By integrating our traditional skills with the latest technologies, VIC can offer clients a comprehensive portfolio of product development services all under one roof.

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UI design

UI Design

UI design service provided by virtualinfocom, entails the entire spectrum of UI Design in its classical form to help you improve the visual display of your various products and presentations. UI design is a dying art form and VIC takes great pride in being one of the few companies which deals in them. We at VIC perform UI Design from concept development to the finished product.

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Website Design

The website is the foundation of your digital business. It is critical to get it right.
We work with you as your advisors and ensure that you get it right in terms of the content management system, site architecture, branding, styling, design, content, and integration with marketing and other applications. We help you put together all the digital assets as per your digital marketing strategy, and maintain the same over time.

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Comics Design

Comics Design Company in India When It Comes To Fun And Games We Are Very Serious ! virtualinfocom comics is a one of a kind company that can provide your business with "winning" promotions utilizing proven and proprietary design technology. The promise of something for nothing is a lure most people can't resist and an area where most businesses need expert help. Knowing which form and application a comics should take is critical to the success of your online or print media objectives.

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Extended Reality

XR is the future of mobile computing. We are making mobile XR a reality. We make awesome XR games and apps and maintain the same over time.

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Extended Reality
nft art Kolkata

Create And Launch Your NFT Collection

NFT Design Company in India

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