Augmented Reality Game Development

Augmented reality enriches the world around us with new layers of creativity, knowledge and inspiration. Whether you’re looking for an augmented reality marketing or advertising campaign, a stunning AR app or experience, or you’re simply curious about the potential of AR for your brand, we’re here to make your vision a reality.

As specialists in all-things immersive tech, we’re always pushing ourselves to step beyond what’s possible in AR, VR & 360, to take our clients – and their audiences – to never before experienced places. With the potential to connect the real and digital worlds in innovative, exciting ways, and with huge investment from the business world, AR has quickly become the hot-ticket in immersive tech, offering brands the opportunity to engage and inspire audiences like never before.

Delivering Augmented Reality Games that Truly Stand Out

It’s no secret that Augmented reality has revolutionized the gaming industry and brought with it an abundance of previously thought impossible game development opportunities. Over the past few years, there has been a surge in the demand for AR games and this has pushed VR game development companies to meet this challenge.

An AR experience can be anywhere, anytime. Making it a whole new proposition for brands. By allowing your audience to connect and interact with the real world in a whole new way, AR has opened up a new era of brand experience. Transform anything. Interact with everything. Change your surroundings. Learn more than ever before. Whatever form it takes – AR is unforgettable. And our industry leading creative team combined with our AR developers and industry experts are more than capable of unleashing the vast potential of augmented reality apps and experiences for your specific needs.

AR magic

AR Magic

VR Commando Fight

AR Commando Fight

VR Speed Mobi

AR Speed Mobi

Features of Our Augmented Reality Games

  • Highly Interactive Games

We specialize in developing Augmented reality games where end-users feel as if they are immersed in that world.

  • Various Gaming Experiences

Our team of promising Augmented reality developers is experienced in developing a wide variety of VR experiences for different genres.

  • World-Leading Gameplay

When you choose Augmentedinfocom for a VR game development company, we develop and deliver games that offer unparalleled gameplay.

  • Quality Graphics

Our Augmented reality games are pushing graphical boundaries and blurring the line between Augmented and real experiences.

  • PC VR Platforms

We develop for major PC VR headsets including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Steam VR. This makes your game multi-platform compatible and allows for greater exposure.

Augmented Reality Game Development

  • State of the Art Game Studio

Our game studio is equipped with the latest tech in VR and we have all the major headsets and high-end PCs for development.

  • Expert Game Programmers

Our programming team has expertise in working on all major PC VR headsets and is aware of the technical requirements for each of them.

  • Real Quality Art

We take your Augmented reality games to the next level with our PBR console-quality art created by our experienced artists.

  • Advanced Quality Assurance

With our well-defined quality control process, we deliver Augmented reality games that not only optimize performance but which match platform requirements.

  • Delivery On-Time

With years of experience and expertise in Augmented reality game development, you can be sure to receive your deliverable on the decided time.