Augmented Reality Game Development & Application Development

Augmented Reality (AR) gives our world multiple layers, and makes the impossible seem possible with experiences beyond human imagination. It places multiple dimensions at mankind's fingertips, and recent developments have made it a seamless merging of the real and virtual worlds. Virtualinfocom, one of India's first AR and game development companies can help you envision your concept in a way that stretches the boundaries of technical and imaginary possibilities to its maximum, and gives you a one-off AR experience. Take your brand further with us as our team of specialists and experts show you what we can achieve in multiple realities, inside your game concept or game.

We place your enterprise at the threshold of newer innovations, and compel your player base to view and engage with your universes in an immersive experience. AR gaming, which is being touted as the next big bang in the gaming field, offers the chance to take your corporation to a higher level instantaneously, and Virtualinfocom is poised to help you achieve exactly that.

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Delivering Augmented Reality Games that Truly Stand Out

The meshing of AR with existing game technology has evolved gaming and made it even more accessible for players to imagine themselves inside their favourite multiverses. The surge in demand for more immersive games, and experiences which can be seen, heard and interacted with simultaneously has led gaming companies rev up to meet the challenge. AR makes it possible for your brand to leave a lasting impression on your clients, no matter which form it takes.
Our experienced skilled team has the potential to take your company and your games to the ultimate level by making them AR powered and introducing a whole different level of technical possibilities to engage your clients. Our immensely popular and well thought out arsenal of AR games prove that we are more than capable to handle all your requirements while maintaining the uniqueness you crave.

AR magic

AR Magic

VR Commando Fight

AR Commando Fight

VR Speed Mobi

AR Speed Mobi

Features of Our Augmented Reality Games

  • Highly Interactive Games

We pride ourselves on knowing our audience the best, and developing interactive gaming experiences in which they can immerse themselves for hours on end.

  • Various Gaming Experiences

We are never limited to a single genre, instead we focus on bringing multiple styles, genres and forms to the table, and providing a wholly immersive, interactive experience for them.

  • World-Leading Gameplay

Virtualinfocom specialises in seamless, smooth, enhanced gameplay and breathtaking graphics, and we promise to deliver the same for any of your products.

  • Quality Graphics

Our graphics team is skilled in meshing real and imaginary worlds, so that they seem like one smooth fluid amalgamation every time you play one of our games.

  • PC VR Platforms

We develop for major PC VR headsets including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Steam VR. This makes your game multi-platform compatible and allows for greater exposure.

Augmented Reality Game Development

  • State of the Art Game Studio

Our top tier, highly advanced game studio develops on major headsets and the best industrial computers, and with the latest AR-VR technology to provide you with the highest level of services.

  • Expert Game Programmers

Our team is trained and experienced in designing and developing games which uphold the highest industrial standards on all major PC VR headsets.

  • Real Quality Art

We employ talented artists to create PBR console-quality game art which blurs the boundaries between real and imaginary worlds.

  • Advanced Quality Assurance

We test quality control thoroughly and deliver augmented reality games which have optimal performance standards and always match platform requirements.

  • Delivery On-Time

With Virtualinfocom, you can always be assured that deadlines will be met well before time since we pride ourselves on our strong work ethic, years of field experience and highly efficient, well managed teams.