Game Music

Virtualinfocom Audio is a unique game audio studio with a wide reach - we have a small team of industry veterans on multiple platforms. We partner with major developers to create amazing audio experiences for top selling mobile and casual games and continue to raise the bar in quality, creativity, and interactivity. We work with you from conception to delivery. Our music and sound design don't just sound awesome, we work closely with your tech team to make sure implementation is spot on.
If you are interested to work with you, tell us!

Game Music

You may know exactly how the game should sound in your head, or leave it to us to help guide you. We can take your audio to the next level! We have experience with all types of games on all platforms. We love what we do and we think you will too!

Original Music

Our composer team has over 20 years of experience writing for some of the top casual and core games, films, and tv shows.

Voice Over

From casting, to directing and recording, we can take care of all voice production needs. We have a large pool of the top voice talent, to find the perfect voice for your project.