3D animation outsourcing company

Modern technology makes it possible to take full advantage of the cutting edge techniques being used in 3D animation for everything from corporate advertising to educational films. That's why, if you are interested in using this technology for your next project, you need a firm you can trust to produce high-quality content that will match your specific vision.

Virtualinfocom employs a full team of highly skilled animators, artists and illustrators who can create the 3D animation you need for your next project. Whether creating a video brochure for your business, an educational movie or working on a major feature film, we have the skills and technology needed to get the job done right.

VIC CG animation service will include the entire host of needs such as character development, concept development, BG, texturing and all the other various criteria required to have a complete and trust worthy service package.
At virtualinfocom, we offer high quality professional CG animation services for all kinds of tv, digital and advertising media. Our in-house animation and cartoonists have great animation / vfx skills and experience of creating some of the best vfx for internet, tv, advertising and publishing industries. Unlike many other designing companies, we have our own state-of-the-art classical and digital studio that allows us to serve all kinds of media. Each of our animations are created with greatest care and quality assurance, which means you get the most unique and original Animations

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Why Choose Animation Outsourcing?

The equipment and software needed to generate quality 3D images and animation is expensive and requires a full staff to operate. For this reason, many smaller studios, marketing departments and gaming companies turn to offshore solutions for their 3D animation needs. There are many benefits to doing this, most notably the turnaround time and reduced cost involved.

Our staff is among the best trained in the industry, with many years of experience producing high quality 3D animated images, and bringing the vision of our clients to life. We can do this on a short turnaround time and within your budget while scaling the operation to match the scope of your project.

Our Features

Our flexible and talented 2D and 3D art team is capable of meeting all of your needs, whether you are looking to outsource your entire work or just need a few assets done by us:

  • We create simple and advanced characters or cartoon designs only after proper research so as that they perfectly represent your concept.
  • Animations, including blend and loopable animations.
  • Complex animations such as segment zooms, exploding animations and expanded views etc. are immaculately delivered.
  • Props. Environments, Weapons, Vehicles, Objects, etc.
  • Full Character & FPS Weapon/Hand Animation
  • Animations we create is interactive and interesting; they hold the capacity to engage viewers.
  • Animated videos and explainer videos.
  • Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Stylized, Cartoon, Realistic and various other styles – and more!

3D animation services

Our 3D animators have extensive experience working on a wide range of projects including:

  • Skeletal Animation
  • Motion Capture
  • Crowd Simulation
  • Cel-Shaded Animation
  • Morph Target Animation

Beyond these different forms of animation, our team has worked with a wide range of different industries including television, presentations for corporate meetings, marketing tools, product demos, website animations, video games and feature films. This ensures that we are ready to tackle even the most demanding 3D animation projects you might have.

Hiring professional animation services

Animators with us are exceptionally talented, innately creative and exceedingly qualified for creating various types of animations.
Our animation studio performs stringent quality checks and maintains great accuracy levels to impress viewers.
When you hire virtualinfocom, you are getting a company that has spent years compiling and curating a staff of highly skilled animators. We maintain strict quality standards at every step of the animation process to ensure everything created for your project is exactly what you have in mind. Our security procedures are designed to protect your intellectual property at all costs and to ensure you have instant access to your content at all times.
virtualinfocom guarantees security; we use VPN and secure gateways for file transfers. Employees sign NDA and backups are maintained.
We deliver work on time and have numerous delivery centers.